Gl Inet iOS app

Hi there

How do I remove a VPN profile from my router via the app? I want to set it up again from scratch.

If you added vpn profile via the router’s web UI, you can only remove it on the web UI.

I added it via the app as it was only possible to add it this way.

Take AzireVPN for example.

Click AzireVPN

Click Account

Click Log out

Along these lines; if you add a profile via the GLiNET App, on one iOS device, then login to the same App on another iOS device, why don’t you see the same VPN profiles? is there some way to have them preserved across devices? Or is this by design for security?

If you add a profile via the GLiNET App, the profile is saved to the app on the phone.
We are currently developing a feature to manage profiles on the router.

OK great. Look forward to it maintaining profiles and settings across all iOS devices with the same login.