GL.inet m2

I want to know about Gl.inet GL-m2

Are this can use with other brand router have USB port?

And Gl.inet GL-m2 is type C to USB A
This dan delivery how much max speed?

My English is bae hope you understand

Thanks you :grin:

It is USB so it works with other brand, as long as the modem driver can be installed. It means that it may not work out of the box in other routers.

It delivers hundreds of mbps.

Thanks you very much

I’ve owned a GL-M2 since last November…

It operates as a standard USB modem and should work with any device which supports external USB modems. I have tested it connected directly to my Debian laptop - and it works fine. However, most of my use has been with the GL-M2 connected to my GL-AXT1800 router. The GL software seemlessly integrates the GL-M2 into the UI and makes it very easy to use.

The GL-M2 has a Quectel RM520N-GL modem. It basically has the capabilities of a Snapdragon X62 modem - it supports the low- and mid- band 5G spectrum, but it does not support the mmWave spectrum (very high speed, but very short range - usually deployed in busy city centres, stadiums, airports, etc); note: it also fully supports 3G and 4G/LTE. The fastest download speeds I’ve seen out of my GL-M2 is 620Mbps - but usually its around 260Mbps; that is more related to where I live as opposed to the modem’s capabilities.

Yes, the GL-M2 has a highspeed USB 3.1 type-C port. It delivers plenty of speed (assuming your router also has a 3.1/3.2 USB port).

One note: GL-iNet does not offer an enclosure for the GL-M2. I designed and 3D-printed my own.

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