Gl.inet mifi erase all system

Hello all,

I’m a stupid boy, On my gl-inet MIFI, I have erase my system (rm -rf /bin, /usr/, /lib instead of rm -rf bin, usr, lib on my sd card). How can I debrick my GM-INET MIFI ?

The debrick procedur doesn’t seem working : only my 3G/4G led blink and not my PWR.

What can I do ?

Have you tried holding down the “reset” button to return to defaults?


Press and hold for 10 seconds then release to reset the router to factory settings. All user data will be cleared.

While you have “removed” critical system files, with a ROM + overlay system what actually happened is you just put “Wite-out” over them on the overlay.

Yes, i have tried the reset bouton whithout effect. :cry:

by following this thread bellow, all it’s work