GL.iNet MT 300 N V2 mango doesn't connect to certain OS

Dear all, I hope to find the best solution for this issue:

recently, I purchased this wonderful product and connected to a windows PC. After that, I’ve set up a VPN routing also, and it worked good.

Now, i’m trying to connect the router (that is already configured and connected to my ISP modem via WAN) to Tails OS booted from usb. I’ve tried with both WiFi and Ethernet connection.

I’m very sad because Tails OS finds and connects to wired or wifi connection, but Onion Circuits does not load properly and there is no internet.

I’m 100% sure OS is working well beacause if I try to connect Tails OS to my ISP modem, I have internet with both WiFi and Ethernet…and as I i’ve said before, everything worked really well on Windows with same config.

PS: I’ve tried also without VPN, by repeating the signal only, but no chance.

Maybe it is because of DNS settings? Can you change DNS on your Tails OS?

Dear Alzhao, thanks for replying me! As Tails OS forces whole connection to run Tor, I really prefer to avoid any DNS change.

Anyway, I’m happy to say that I’ve found a solution!

Firstly, I made an access to Windows. This let me easely turning the router on and connect it via USB Tethering (but i think will work either with ETH and WLAN), then I’ve switched to Tails OS by rebooting the same PC, while the router was still working.

It worked! I don’t know why precisely, but 100% worked.
The problem, I think, was that Tails OS doesn’t let the router start properly on it’s system.

I set this case as solved.

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