GL.iNet MT2500 add to existing router


I have fibre broadband configured on my Netgear Nighthawk router.

I want to keep WiFi on my main router. And if possible keep it assigning LAN IPS. and just be able to add the GL.iNet MT2500 onto my main router.

Is it then possible to have a different set of network ips for the GL.iNet MT2500 only that I can assign or will that not work?

Using the drop in feature would leave me without wifi if I was to allow the GL.iNet MT2500 to assign ips ?
And also using the drop in would I be able to specify what devices use vpn as that would be a big interest for client and server aspects of the GL.iNet MT2500?


In a drop-in mode, the wan IP should be the same subnet of Main router, and LAN IP use a different range.
As the hint says, you can keep both dhcp server for MT2500 wan and main router on.
For example, my drop-in MT2500 IP is, my main router IP is
I have a third device as client, if it gets an IP and gateway from MT2500 wan, its gateway will be, if it gets an IP from main router, its gateway will be in contrast, which will pass traffic to MT2500(ie. not work). So you can set a static IP and gateway for that client.

VPN policy for drop-in gateway is not implemented yet.