GL.iNet MT2500 - IPv6 not working (Perfect Privacy)

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Since yesterday I have owned a GL.iNet MT2500 security gateway. As a VPN provider, I have “Perfect Privacy” with IPv4/IPv6 support on almost all servers. I have already imported the corresponding configuration files for OpenWrt, but the OpenVPN connection is only established via IPv4 every time.

After some research, I found out that IPv6 support is apparently not yet supported, but I also saw various workarounds and possible solutions.

Is this a problem for several people here? What else could you try? Will this feature become available in the future?

Thanks for every helpful answer!

Hello, I have exactly the same problem and still no solution. Previously I had the 1300, IPV6 worked until about half a year ago, then I updated it and it no longer works, even a reset didn't help. I suspect you have to make more manual settings in the IPV6 area. Have you found a solution?

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Hi, according to RD plan, we are developing the related features, to bring complete OpenVPN client including IPv6.
Will be released the Snapshot firmware this week if everything debugs smoothly. Thanks for your interest. :wink:

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Yes, I have found a simple workaround in cooperation with GL.iNet support. But this is also a little buggy, so better wait until next snapshot release.

May you share this workaround with the community? :wink:

That simple workaround like a script executed in command line, also has small bug. I think YesToCookies is the reporter who has asked us the issue in technical support Email, as I check this issue that has submitted to RD.
Please let us to wait the RD snapshot firmware, will be resolve the OpenVPN IPv6 issue.

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As already mentioned, the script is buggy and not 100% perfect. It will (probably) work, but I take no responsibility associated with this shell script! All executions at your own risk.

If the moderation team doesn't want it, please delete the post, thank you.

1. login the admin panel and enable IPv6.
2. ssh login this router and run these command
sed -i '/pull-filter/d' /lib/netifd/proto/
sed -i '/proto_init_update/ s/$/ 1/'  /etc/openvpn/scripts/ovpnclient-up

GL already release the SNAPSHOT firmware for MT2500, please get it from GL Firmware Download center.

Oh vielen herzlichen Dank!!!! Es funktioniert! Ihr seid ja richtig klasse und schnell. Bei dieser Unterstützung ist klar - GL.iNet Router werden wieder gekauft! Alles Gute aus Deutschland und weiterhin viel Erfolg!

Oh thank you so much!!!! It works! You're really great and fast. With this support it is clear - GL.iNet routers will be bought again! All the best from Germany and continued success!

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