Gl-Inet Mudi battery and overheating?

I have used this little router for a couple of weeks and notice this thing will get hot, especially when charging/plugged in. I recently experienced a auto shutdown from it reaching high temps. Firmware is 3.100. I have 2.4 off and using LTE for the data stream. What can i do to help keep it cool? Can i make holes and add a fan onto it?

Just want to know when you use, did you put it on desk or in bags?

If put on desk it should be not be overheat. There is no place to make holes. Putting where there is airflow should be OK. Do not put under sunshine.

If still overheat too much, maybe you need to talk with customer service.

Yeah it’s just sitting on a table. I even have it on its side to try to disapate heat. I have noticed if I’m downloading really huge files over a period of time while it’s plugged in, it will over heat.

Maybe this is the reason. Can you use a fan?

I always put the Mudi in the refrigerator. Freezer does not work well (maybe too cold?). No kidding.