GL iNet MV-1000 Remote Desktop Issue

Hello all,

I have a Brume MV-1000 that is currently has its WAN port connected to a LAN port on the back of my main router. Wireguard client is currently running.

Since the MV-1000 does not come with WiFi, I have turned off the WiFi radios on the main router and have a different router plugged into one of the LAN ports on the Brume so it can serve as my WiFi router instead, while all traffic connected to this router is protected by the VPN – this router is currently in bridge mode.

However, when I connect to the WiFi of this bridge mode router with my work laptop (I work from home completely), I am now unable to use RDP to log into my job’s Remote Desktop. I get the following error message:

"Remote Desktop can’t connect to the computer for one of these reasons:

  1. Your user account is not authorized to access the RD gateway
  2. Your computer is not authorized to access the RD gateway
  3. You are using an incompatible authentication method (for example, the RD gateway might be expecting a smart card but you provided a password)

Contact your network administrator for assistance."

Does the Brume or the VPN being on have anything to do with this? Could this perhaps be a subnet issue?

Thank you.

RDP Desktop -WLAN- Router (Bridged) -LAN- Brumme (-Internet- something at your company infrastructure).
And you are tunneling from your Brumme to where? Inside your company network?
If the VPN Endpoint is somewhere else, mage sure it can reach the RDP Endpoint.

To understand what is blocking, it may help:

  1. ping your router
  2. ping your brumme
  3. ping your VPN endpoint
  4. ping your RDP server

Ping is only a assumption. Til it is using ICMP Messages instead of TCP/UDP, it could lead to different results than a RDP connection, but I want to get an overview, first.

My main router has the Brume coming out of the back of it (LAN port on main router to WAN port on Brume), and from out of the back of the Brume I have the bridge router (LAN port on Brume to LAN port of bridge router).

While connected to the WiFi on the bridge router, it’s showing the gateway as the Brume device. I’m assuming this is because the Brume gateway has created its own subnet.

With the Wireguard VPN client running, I am trying to use the bridge router’s WiFi connection to get into Remote Desktop at my company’s infrastructure with the work laptop. When I set up a VPN policy and exclude the MAC address of the work laptop from the VPN tunnel, the laptop will connect perfectly. Local WiFi on the laptop also works perfectly, whether I have the VPN client running or not.

How can I do a proper ping test? Trying to find what I am missing here.

The ping test is nice to start, but not proper.

Better: Describe your route.
Let’s see if I get your situation right:

Working1 (normal setup?)

  1. Laptop
  2. Router
  3. Internet
  4. Workplace
  5. RDP

Working2 (via MAC exception from VPN)

  1. Laptop
  2. Router (bridged)
  3. Brumme
  4. Internet
  5. Workplace
  6. RDP

Not working (desired setup)

  1. Laptop
  2. Router (bridged)
  3. Brumme VPN
  4. VPN Endpoint in Workplace
  5. RDP

First guess: Is every part [1-3 (Home LAN) 3-4 (VPN) 4-5 (Workplace LAN)] and in a different Subnet? Also Home LAN and Workplace LAN are allowed to be the same, even if they should never touch each other.

Yes. Home, workplace, and VPN networks are all in different subnets.

you can use the network cable, connect your computer to Brume MV-1000 LAN, you can Remote Desktop OK?

first, check the Brume MV-1000 wireguard client work ok.

you network router connect as follow ?

work computer <—> different router <—> MV1000(wg client) <—> main router <—> Remote Desktop

now work computer login into Remote Desktop err.

you can step by step to config:


work computer <—> main router(wg client) <—> Remote Desktop

in the main router run wg client, work computer can use wg vpn login Remote Desktop?


work computer <—> MV1000(wg client) <—> main router <—> Remote Desktop

work computer connect to MV1000 LAN network cable, the MV1000 run wg clinet, work computer login Remote Desktop ?

config from the sample network connect, step by step to config the network