GL.iNet Router Mudi 750V2

Hello everyone,

I would like to buy a travel router as mentioned above. Now in Germany there are some offers where it says only T-Mobile and some offers sell it without this restriction.
Now I would like to know, I have a D2 Vodafone phone card and an O2 phone card.
Does this router also work with these? How is it abroad, can I buy and use all sim cards from the usual providers?

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Hi mine which is Spitz 3000 works with any SIM. I am not quite sure about the model you mentioned. Someone from GL or the forum might be able to confirm this specific model.

i have v1 EG25-G (cat 4) and v2 EM060KGL (cat 6) using prepaid sim cards from both providers without problems. V2 (v1 out of stock) is good world wide, not only EU. You can use what sim you like.
On Amazon is a mistake, this issue was posted here in forum.

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Okay great, thank you very much. I will then get the V2 device.
What are your experiences with the device in general?

I have one more question: will my phone card work instead of my data card? If so, where can I enter the PIN?

yes it will work.

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the device itself will work with all German providers, no problem.

But I would like to inform you about some “issues” when you are abroad and in some area where you have to choose the right roaming network. This could be the cause near Switzerland if your contract does not include Switzerland.

Choosing a network is not straightforward. It’s not like on a mobile phone where you can see different networks, choose the right one and it will work. It might need more effort.

I recommend you to purchase the model EM060KGL which is cat 6 and have an excellent CA management, will need few minutes to find the best aggregation.
For cat 4 you will need to lock it on the best band in your area therefore is not so good to be used in a car.
I’m using it with a CallYa sim and in South America with Claro on LTE bands 2, 4, 8, 28.
I can say that until now is the best portable LTE router, usable not only in EU. Cat 6 has constantly over 120 Mbps with CallYa.
With AzireVPN is dropping to max 20 Mbps, but still okay.

Thank you very much for your feedback. Router with C6 is ordered :slight_smile:

Just make sure that the modem bands are compatible with the providers where you are going to travel to. In my case I have an E750 v1 with a Quectel EG25-G which works globally.

Hi @me2 ,

E750V2 uses EM060K module which works globally, not only T-mobile.
Here you find a few ones:

You do not have the wrong description even after a month still corrected on :-1:

Hello @Peteras ,

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