GL.Inet Shadow connect to T-Mobile Web'n'Walk-Stick

Hi to all,

now my Wifi is Working correctly i want to setup my Shadow to work with the T-Mobiele Web’n’Walk-Stick (yes its an old one, but i just want to use this in emergency to watch maybe some TV). If I install it to the USB-Port of the Shadow nothing happens and the stick is not regonized as Modem. I tried already to install it with “opkg update && opkg install wifitoggle” and tried if something is changed, but no change :frowning:
uci show wifitoggle shows only the regular output and is no help :frowning:

Someone an idea and can help me?


okay found in internet that there is a driver installable by yast. and i thought okay then look at opkg and then realized that at the glinet has only 44KiB free. Is that normal and how can i extend it. so i can try to intall something.

Here is a pic that shows that there is nearly no space but still at temp space a lot. is it possible to use some MB from that space?

Why this package? It is not for Modem.

okay. I was not sure i have read it in internet. But why is so less space on the shadow?