GL.iNet SlateAX and USB M2 5G and EE data sim UK

What setting do I need to out into the Slate AX router to get the EE sim working?
I’ve tried a few setting using EE reccomended settings.
But they work for 1 minute.
Then it stops working.
This is the website with settings.

Any ideas and collaborations would be very welcome.
Thank you!

Does the EE sim card work on the phone? Whether it is bound to the IMEI?

EE tech support tell me the sim will never be supported using Linux.
So the EE Sim will never work in the M2.5G dev board.

The EE Sim works, in iPhone, Android and in a Netgear AC810 Aircard.
I don’t know what operating system that uses…

That sounds like a typical customer support rep bs. I’m wondering wether some low-level connection setups couldn’t be extracted from some Android ROMs?

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I used EE sim in my Teltonika routers which utilise RutOS operating system based on OpenWrt with no problems at all. What EE’s so called tech support is telling you, is utter tosh I am afraid.

I’ve heard the Tier 2 EE Tech support is actually really good.
I’m not sure if you are using a Slate AX router with the Dev Board M2 5G, but mine isn’t working…

You can declare that the modem IMEI is bound to the EE SIM.

Declare to who? EE ?
They are not going to give a monkeys chuff who or what or where you are bound too !

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The communication process is mainly established by modem and base stations, and the router only acts as a forwarding role.So It should not be a limitation of the router’s firmware.

What model of modem are you using?

This one

Spoke with EE tech support , they were impressed with the modem and Slate AX router.
Said it was wifi 6 compatible.
They said the M2 was a great bit of kit and that they have now allowed it to connect with their base station.
From the Router number and IMEI number.
So happy days, getting 200mb and 20mb down and upload.
Thanks for all your help

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What external antenna for 4 & 5G would you recommend ?
The M2 has 4 SMA connectors, do I need 4 aerials or can I have one aerial with 4 wires ?

We have two kinds of external antennas to recommend.
#1, Panel antenna for home usage:

#2, Dome antenna for RV usage:

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Do you happen to know if this is per subscriber or on carrier level? Meaning, will I face the same issue or have they allowed it for everyone?

Give EE a call, they will help you out. Mine is working absolutely great now.
Can’t wait to get external aerials and get super high speed !