GL.iNet Spitz AX (GL-X3000) - No Cellular Connection to AT&T Network

0405release 1 / 2024-01-03 12:10:06 (UTC+08:00)

I purchased this device in October 2023 from Amazon (US). It was difficult to get to work with AT&T initially, and almost every firmware update that comes along knocks it off-line, requiring a lengthy phone call to AT&T Advanced Broadband Support. Eventually, whatever they do gets it to connect again until the next update. Yesterday I spent two hours with AT&T Advanced Broadband Support, and it started working again after being turned off for a month or so. The tech created an AT&T profile which was really nothing more than using “Broadband” for the APN. I had tried that before to no avail. So they must be doing something to start it to working again from their end. I ask and the typical answer from them is “that they did a lot to get it going”…no details.

Today, I was prompted by the device to install a small update and did so. Now it won’t connect again. I’ve been on the phone with tech support again for over two hours but no success yet. This time I even made a backup of the configuration using OpenWrt/LuCI before installing the update. That made no difference at all after reloading it after the update. As costly as this router is, it is a source of constant irritation.

Traveling with it has also proven to be troublesome. A couple of months ago on a trip to a Disney Resort (FL), it took almost 12 hours before it finally connected to their new cellular network all through the property.

Everything else on the router seems to work fine, so is it the router or AT&T making this constant problem?? I never had ANY issues with my simple Netgear cellular router on AT&T until it finally stopped working due to lack of 3G service.

I have read forums until my eyes want to pop out. I see references to using a IOT SIM card from AT&T for this router, but AT&T Tech Support makes no such recommendations.

Sad thing is that I really like this device, but the aggravation is moving me toward trashing it.

Sorry, just venting I guess…this is getting very old!