GL.inet travel routers useable with hotspots with agree-terms-button?

Hello all,

a lot of free hotspots here in germany redirect on a webpage where a button has to be clicked to agree to the terms. Only afterwards free internet can be used. I think this is valid for some time or have to be clicked again after some time of inactivity. Last option would mean, create a ping script keeping the connection open.

The GL.inet Travel Routers can do bridged wlan. Is it possible to connect the travel router to a hotspot, have it click the agree-terms-button and activate bridge mode and do a ping script for keeping the connection open? Or automatically click the button by the router itself to get wlan again?

see travelmate: Travelmate support thread - #213 by dibdot - Community Builds, Projects & Packages - OpenWrt Forum

A workaround that I’ve used:
First, connect to the hotspot with smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. Accept the terms and conditions. Then connect to the travel router, and configure it to clone the MAC of the smartphone/etc. (under More Settings/MAC Clone). The router can then be connected to the hotspot, which will think that the smartphone/etc is the device wanting access.

It is simple