GL.iNet VPN wireguard Error on GL-AR750 “WARNING: No internet”

I purchased 2 GL-ar750.
But after two months when I try to add a fourth wireguard vpn client, the following error returns.

“WARNING: No internet”

Can you provide the firmware version?

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I had this and fixed it by simply updating the firmware.

Version 3.010, and the router updater tells me it’s the latest version

Latest “testing” firmware is here (3.026).

Would try upgrading to this version :slight_smile:

For the update I must put the two files?
1.- openwrt-ar750-3.026-0729.bin
2.- gl-ar750-batman.bin
or only one of the two?

you can use openwrt-ar750-3.026-0729.bin

It’t Work
Thanks Limbot, thank you all for the help :+1:

This happens on my AR300M also. Has been for a long time. When it fails i must change the local ip of the WireGuard Server, activate it , deactivate it, change the IP once again and then it works. I have to do this often and it is just irregular. I have the latest GLI firmware 3.104 / 18.06 as of NOV 2020 but realise this is way behind the current OpenWRT firmware which is 19.07.4.