GL.iNet's first Wi-Fi 6 Router - Flint is coming soon!

Why in Flint web page info about support mesh and bluetooth is deleted?

Mesh still need a lot of effort. So it may not be in the first firmware version. We removed that for now.

It has Bluetooth which is used to configure the router. To be clear we removed the IoT part because our IoT software still not released.

Do you have an estimated timeframe for release? I want a Flint!!! :smiley:

Subscribed for notifications a few weeks ago and received a nice email asking for feedback on features recently.

Looking forward to the release of Flint it looks like a really good piece of kit.


May I ask what openwrt version Flint’s firmware is based on?

Thank you.

It is still based on Qualcomm SDK which is based on openwrt 15.05.

Latest openwrt wifi6 supporting is still very lack.

does it have 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz amplifiers?
what is the max tx power (eu/us/china limits)?

It is still based on Qualcomm SDK which is based on openwrt 15.05.

Wow, that seems quite dated, about six years old. Do you know if that is just the kernel and firmware for chips or the whole software stack too?


I’m think Qualcomm is not good idea for new Flint, hw like this is better I’m think Belkin RT3200 / Linksys E8450

Qualcomm - old QSDK - old kernel v. 4 - old OpenWrt v. 15

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Does Flint support “CAKE” SQM QoS?

Unfortunately not supporting CAKE now.

Any update on availability and price? :smiley:

So it is announced that pre-sales start tomorrow, I noticed in the invite it says “United States” (probably referring to the time). Will Flint be available globally?

Did you sign up for the AX1800 subscribers? We will inform our AX1800 subscribers once the pre-order page is up.

Yes! I received the pre-order mail today, that is why I am asking if it will be a global launch… :slight_smile:
Very excited for Flint!

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What about working temperature and temperature with full cpu loading?
If I hang it on the wall, in which position is it possible to rotate the antennas?
Can you send us this moment photo and router back side photo?

@alzhao, i’m understand about mesh and bluetooth, what about WiFi seamless roaming? Now it working? Or we need wait mesh release? Flint support r, k, v?