GL-AX1800 Upgrade timeline


I received my GL-A1800 (Flint) router the other day and am very happy with the prompt and efficient dispatch of the item.

One concern I have though is that the OS is based on OpenWRT 15.05 because of the dated Qualcomm SDK (see comment here).

This is a really dated and I’m concerned about software vulnerabilities such as the KRACK vulnerability discovered in 2016 (published 2017).

What efforts are being made by GL-iNet to work towards updating the SDK that is used so that these and other vulnerabilities are patched and the OS can be bought up-to-date to 21.02?

It is also somewhat baffling that the router is marketed as being WiFi6 enabled and yet, as per the above comment I link to from @alzhao

Is there work in the background contributing to the improvement of this situation?

I purchased the GL-AX1800 to replace a Linksys WRT-1900ACS but given these short-comings I’m not ready to do so just yet and was wondering what timeline and/or release schedule there might be for updating the software.

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I cannot give you an answer now.

As far as I know, nearly all the wifi 6 routers with Qualcomm chipset use QSDK which is based on openwrt 1505.

If you do need latest openvpn, get a B1300 and flash openwrt 2102. WiFi works good.

Qualcomm SDK is based on old openwrt, but surely have all the security patches back-ported.

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Feels rather like Caveat emptor to me and that I should have done my research in greater detail about the constraint of the hardware. I’ll sell the GL-AX1800 as I’d have no use for it if I bought another router.

I would have to go digging to find out and may do, but at the moment do not know if this is the actually the case.

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After searching official OpenWRT forum, I can make sure Qualcomm chipset support on OpenWRT is very few, even IPQ6018’s big brother chipset IPQ80XX is also the same.

802.11ax Routers - Hardware Questions and Recommendations - OpenWrt Forum

Qualcomm+OpenWRT is really not a good combo for cutting edge users.

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Thanks for digging that out for me, appreciated.

:neutral_face: Seems like a bizzare choice to have gone for on the GL-AX1800 then. I appreciate there are global issues with components and so forth, but given GL-iNet appear to use OpenWRT as a base for all their products its just seems quite bizzare.

Oh well, I guess I’ll see what I can flog this router for and look for alternatives.

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I was expecting to replace my Mango (great toy and soooo cheap) with this. Oh well, I guess I will have to do what I was trying to avoid, build x86 OpenWrt on fanless Atom or go pfSense :frowning:
Personally I suspect, semi functional OpenSource drivers in 1 year. Maybe then I will dust off my Flint

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The Flint seems like a fine device.

But ASUS have been doing some good work on their latest AX routers with ASUS-WRT, adding support for WireGuard. Not sure which version of OpenWRT they use.

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I know you don’t mean you are only concerned about KRACK, but in this specific example wouldn’t disabling WPA2 and using WPA3-only be a mitigation?

Really its the whole ecosystem of software that concerns me as its not transparent if all packages are up-to-date. Having a Mango like @avatar4 I was pleased to see it being kept up-to-date and that was what encouraged me to purchase the GL-AX1800 during the early-bird offers.

If its just an old kernel has it been patched? :man_shrugging:

If its all software packages as well that are still on the 15.05 release thats even more of a concern.

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I also pre-ordered and it will be going onto a shelf, unopened, when it arrives until this issue is fixed. I am not holding my breath. I am more likely to buy a router from a different company and drop this off at Goodwill.

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Whole ecosystem, not transparent. Exactly.

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