GL-M2 5G Development Board enclosure?


do you plan to offer a case for the GL-M2 5G Development Board sometime in the future.
On the product page it’s advertised as:

The M2 Development Board seamlessly integrates with your GL.iNet travel router*, making installation a breeze

However I wouldn’t carry around an unprotected, case-less printed circuit board while traveling. :smiley:

There’s a fine line between stupidity & bravery; I’m not that brave either.

Seriously though even just give us the dimensions & the cutout dimensions for the SMA ports if you can, GL. We can always find someone with a 3D printer I’m sure.

Thinking about adding a case, would a metal case be better?

not sure if a metal case is neccessary.
If the offer the dimensions for 3D printing, they could also manufacture the enclosure themselves and sell it 5-10 bucks.
I also don’t get why it’s called “development” board. Is it because there is no case included?

Metal is always better. < / air guitar >


I keep on pushing the topic until we get an answer. :slight_smile:

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… or you could buy a board, design a case around it & throw it up on Thingverse as a F/OSS released design for everyone. After all, if someone wants metal while others are fine w/ acrylic, why not have the option of both?

It would be nice to see the developers of the product release an enclosure on Thingiverse and Printables :wink:

I created a Case for the GL-M2 and put it on Printables. Enjoy!


That’s great. Thank you. I am about to look for a cheap 3D Print service and will definitely let them print one. :+1:

Edit: btw what do you need this special mount for?

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I have a side project that I’m working on. It doesn’t involve the GL-iNet routers, just the the GL-M2. I have a custom carrier board with a RaspPi CM4 called the WLANPi Pro Project that has the 1/4"-20 mount for attaching accessories. I’m using the GL-M2 to survey private cellular networks and the mount made it easy to attach it to my Pi. No way was I mounting it without a case. Hence why I built that case.

I also just added the STL file that doesn’t have the 1/4"-20 mount hole for those who don’t want that part. It takes a little effort to get the two pieces to slide together. Put the board in the antenna holes of the top piece first, then slide it all together at the same time. Once joined they are pretty solid and no screws are needed. Taking it apart is a little harder though. Enjoy.


finally, the case was built and delivered. Sharkfi, thx again this is great work! :+1:
I added a little piece of plastic on top of the PCB board to prevent rattling of the board inside and taped the case.

Furthermore, it also fits into the travel case from GLiNet, so from now on it will be with me on every trip. :slight_smile:


Looks awesome in grey!! You’re welcome! Enjoy!

Geezus… it looks like you even color matched it. Very nice, indeed.

Helluva good work, @sharkfi .

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Has anybody seen this case? I found it on a AliExpress review.

I’ve made a 3D printed case for now but I would like to source the aluminum case.