GL-M2: Documentation

Hi guys,

I just purchased 4x GL-M2 dev boards and I’m wondering where I can find the technical documentation for how to control / adjust / interface with the modem through the device.

Is there a GUI? Does it accept AT Commands? Which ones?

Is the board running android?


Currently, I only see documentation for Connecting GL-M2 to GL.iNet Routers, but nothing on how you configure the GL-M2 itself.

Hi,The M2 dev board is to be used with GL Travel Router, currently supported devices are MT2500,MT3000 and AXT1800,AX1800.You can find ways to control and adjust the parameters of M2 by following the links below. Cellular - GL.iNet Router Docs 4 (

@Dipin I plan on using them with the Flint AX-1800 that I currently own (or the MT6000 at I can get my hands on one.)

However, I can’t use the default firmware because it doesn’t support Speedify. So I reflash them to SmoothWAN.

Are these drivers available to use on other OpenWRT firmware?

I would keep the stock firmware if it supported Multi-WAN aggregation through Speedify like SmoothWAN.

@tmash do these work with SmoothWAN?

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I see you’ve posted requests for Speedify features under multiple topics. Is there a particular scenario in which you are using it? I’m not sure if the M2 dev board will work with the SmoothWAN firmware.

@Dipin yes, here’s the scenario.

GL-iNet routers have become extremely popular among the live-streaming community for 3x reasons.

  1. They’re powerful
  2. They’re small, portable, easily powered
  3. They can be flashed with SmoothWAN

If you go over to live streaming communities like Mevo / GameChanger / SidelineHD / etc. you can see how many people are recommending GL-iNET BUT also recommending reflashing them to SmoothWAN OpenWRT variant.

And the reason for this is simple…

If you’re live-streaming, you need your upload connection to be rock solid. Although GL-iNet’s firmware can handle failover, that manual switching disconnects the live-stream.

But with the Speedify service, these cellular disconnects are completely gone do to bonding and redundancy of multi-WAN through the Speedify service.

Like many others, I have multiple 5G Modems (1x TMO, 1x ATT, 1x VZW) connected to my Flint AX GL-iNet router and Smooth-WAN is bonding them and redundantly uploading with them to ensure my livestream connection is never interrupted.

And it works amazingly well!

If you don’t want to use GL-iNET and SmoothWAN, then the only other way that I know to be able to do this is to purchase a VERY expensive product and service from LiveU which does the Bonding / redunency but at a much higher cost.

However, there is a downside IMO to this. Currently the SmoothWAN is great, but is not as polished / easy to use as GL-iNet’s firmware. So personally, I wish you guys would just hire those devs and build speedify into GL-iNet routers as an option. :slight_smile:

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Here’s some example posts from the last week alone.

And here’s my personal setup… :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing. It seems like a good idea to build the speedifiy into the GL-INET router.

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Yes! We would all LOVE that.

A Slate + several M2 Devs is a match made in heaven. We just need Speedify support officially to make it a smooth experience managing the devices and settings.

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