GL-M300A 4G Internet

How can I add a 4G DigiMobil service when it isn’t in the list?

No matter what I select, the Submit button does nothing and the screen says
Please plug in your modem

How can I get to the next screen to even edit the settings manually? I know the settings.

The modem is plugged in, the power supply is 3.1A, and the light is on.

It is an Alcatel IK40V open/unlocked USB modem, works fine if plugged straight into macbook.

Any help appreciated. Firmware already updated to 2.264

Does it appear in “Tethering” tab?

Okay, so a usb0 appears in the tethering tab, but there is no way to edit/add my SIM settings?

What determines whether it appears in 3G4G or tethering? SIM or modem?

If I go to another country, buy another SIM and need to add some APN settings, where would I add those?

It it works as tethering, its settings will be in the modem itself. The modem should have an Interface for this.

Okay, when I use the modem directly in my laptop it does have an app to connect, but when the SIM goes into my tablet I had to enter those settings again, so I presumed they were not being stored on the SIM but in the app.

Thanks for your help.

Please check if the modem has a similar web interface to control. This is general true for hostless modem.

Modem is Alcatel IK40V which came with application built into modem, plug it in and it installed an app on my mac. When I plug in the modem now, it does open a web browser page pointing to the modem, and that is where the settings page is, in that web browser page. So from what you are saying the settings appear to be on the SIM, right?

I mean the web browser it has, not SIM.

Sorry, that makes no sense to.

To try and clarify…
When I connect modem directly to macbook, I get a browser window where I could change SIM settings.

To then connect the modem into M300, those settings need to stay with the modem/SIM.

So either modem or SIM need to remember settings right?

So when I buy a new SIM in a new country, I connect modem to macbook, setup APN settings and connect/save.

Then move modem to M300A and settings should still be there. Is this what you mean?


Yes, your are correct.
The page should pop when you connect to the router as well. But in case if you don’t have this page, do this using your pc.

Okay, the page is not popping when connected to M300, but checking the IP address I can now get to it with

I think that will work :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for your help. Much appreciated.