GL-MIFI 3G/4G settings

im having trouble connecting to my simcard on my mifi.

how do i search for network?

through the gl-inet web interface via i went to 3G setting and i have changed the APN for my network and press submit

how do i connect?

ohhhh mannnn… i ran into more trouble.


now my mifi wont recognize on my laptop via ethernet.


Only the power lights up on the mifi.


i tried resetting it by pressing the reset button with a pin. - still the same.


i also tried pressing the reset button and power button together and still the same.


Anyone know any other suggestions i can try to reset to factory default?





To reset the device hold the ‘reset’ button for more than 5 seconds, make it 10 to be safe, while the unit is powered on.

I do not believe pressing both buttons has any special effect.

Hard to be sure from the picture, but confirm the use of the LAN port and that the WAN is NOT connected. The WAN is illuminated.

its just the power light is on.

from the picture the power light just reflecting to the wan window.

wan and lan light is actually off.


i pressed the reset button for 5secs and to 10secs and nothing happens.

it didnt even reboot or light flashing.

the power light just stays on solid green.


heres a better pic of my mifi light.

If you have not tried, remove the sim card and sd card if any. Lets see if they are causing problems.

seems you turn the wifi off when press the reset button less than 1 seconds. You can just press and release it immediately. Seems we need to remove this.

You can try ttyUSB2 for the data.

thanks for your help guys but my mifi is still frozen with only the power light turning on and wouldnt reset.

After emailing support, im in the process of replacing the device.

Overall the mifi is a solid unit.

im hoping to start fresh with it working with my simcard once replaced.


thanks again.


it is a while since the last post, but the solution would be to download the newest firmware and connect to uboot by pressing power and reset for 5sec.

changing the ip of the ethernet to and typing in the browser , then upload the firmware.