GL-MiFi 4G card requires Antenna?

I just purchased a GL-Mifi on the black friday sale and I am having trouble figuring out if it is ready to work out of the box. There is no information in the online manual about this.

I have read some forum posts that talk about needing antennas for the 4G card.

Are these not included with the device? Do you sell them? Where can I get them? It seems that there are three ports on the card, but only two mountings in the case. How do you mount the three antennas?

Some clarification on the antenna requirements and support would be appreciated so that I can find the extra parts locally.

Also, how long is DHL shipping to the US?

Here is the online manual: Overview - GL.iNet Docs

yes it works out of the box. It has antenna inside. The uFL connect may not need all.

DHL takes 3 to 4 days to ship to the US.

I am confused. In this post, you said that the modules do not have built-in antennas and an external one is required:


Sorry. That is old.

Now there is antenna inside the case for sure.