GL Mifi 4g smart router does not work after reset

First setup was fine. I had a problem with VPN not working when I forced all traffic thru VPN. When unchecked it was fine.

Next few days I go to use it and it doesn’t work. It does not read the sim card at all. I was forced to buy a wifi dongle at the mall to use my son card.

Then I decided to reset the router. It resets but now it doesn’t show gui on as before. Trying to connect via ssh with winscp or putty doesn’t work. Permission denied every time.

I’ve tried connecting via Lan and wifi. Nothing shows. Is this even a stable device? I feel I’m wasting time and money trying to get this to work. Any help is appreciated but please be simple in instructions in case a user error.


Edit: after reseting for 30 secs I got to see the gui on Went thru process again. Shows internet access as normal. As soon as I try to connect an ovpn file it locks up. Unable to view gui on or with no internet access.

When will the software be fixed and stable?? This is ridiculous.

Got openwrt flashed to it now. But can’t seem to get the 3g/4g working at all.





None I can get working.

Can you check which firmware version you are using ? Also which openvpn service providers are you using?

When you upload the ovpn files, make sure the zip file is not so large and make the flash full.