GL-MIFI as USB Mass Storage Gadget

Hi all,

I have a legacy device (medical equipment) that generates report files to an attached USB thumb drive. I am hoping to be able to use the GL-MIFI to enable these files to be accessed over a 4g LTE/OpenVPN network.

My questions are:

  1. Has anyone has been able to configure the GL-MIFI to act as a USB Mass Storage Gadget (or thinks it is possible)? That is, I would like the GL-MIFI to act as a USB device, rather than a host, such that it appears as a flash drive when connected to a computer by USB.

  2. Assuming that point 1 is possible, could the firmware on the GL-MIFI be configured to then upload the report files to a remote network share over the 4G/OpenVPN connection?

I searched but didn’t seem to find anything relevant to my use case. Assuming the above points are possible, can anyone recommend someone who could build the firmware for me?

I think most folks are going to be fairly hesitant to even touch medical equipment in general - mistakes here could be life or death…

Maybe I should have clarified. The equipment isn’t reliant on the attached USB device at all. The equipment by default prints a report to an attached printer, but if a USB storage device is attached (which is optional) it will also generate an electronic report file.