GL-MiFi Case

Will there be a seprate case available soon ?

I think the case will be available in 2 months. We finished the design, now need to make the mold.

The size is around 100x70x25mm, able to fill in a 5000mAh battery and SMA for external antennas.

I am using another product with a battery. There are a few items about it that hopefully could be improved on in this product.

Buttons - I would like to see both buttons be actual buttons, similar to the AR150 (not a small hole). I think the power button should be flush with the case surface so it will not accidentally be engaged, but not to deep so as hard to press. Maybe a slight dome. Hopefully the power button can be programmable by the user for the amount of time to turn on\off the device. The current device I have is 3 seconds, and it’s too long. The button on my current device also controls charging of other devices from the battery (short press) which I do not think is needed. If something is plugged in it should charge.

Antenna - The mifi has a wireless antenna on the board. The PCI-E card will need an antenna. It would be nice to include an antenna (option with add in card?) that can fit inside the case. I expect there will also be an external antenna option.

PCI-E card - Please consider qualifying some WIFI radio cards for use with this, and include the appropriate mods to the GLI GUI. This would address the dreaded “lost WWAN AP” issue for good! I think this would offer additional market opportunities. I am not aware that you can, but if there is anyway to make this slot also accommodate a M2 SSD in a future revision you would have a market first!!.

Battery LED - It’s unclear from the product page what the LED functionality is. Hopefully this will include some type of indicator more than “On battery” Ideally this will offer some indication for charge status. My current device works with a multicolor LED (green, orange, red) which is on solid when running on battery and blinks while charging. While charging the LED still uses colors to indicate it’s charged status. I think this method works well. A battery icon (like a cell phone) at the top of the GLI GUI would be nice. Enhanced functionality would allow the user to click and get a time\percent charge value.


do you have a render of the case so we can see what it looks like