GL-MiFi EC25-E 4G ISP Vodafone dont work


I have bought the GL-MiFi EC25-E 4G device. Unfortunately only o2 SIM cards work the SIM cards from Vodafone the better ISP (Germany) do not work.
Can we fix the problem with a patch or other LTE module?
The Vodafone SIM cards work very well in another LTE router.

RGDS Caleb from Germany

What is your firmware version? Do you have any error message?

the first version ist 2… the new is 3. updatet yesterday.
In the menu there is no error message only a green dot at O2 if connected and a yellow dot at Vodafone if he tries to connect but this does not happen successfully.
I have also tried to get an LTE connection with different UMTS USB sticks, with O2 this was also successful with Vodafone but unfortunately not


I think there’s an APN config problem.
Because if I have the O2 SIM card in the router, I can set the APN like or, which is the right APN for Vodafone and I get a connection to O2.
Via SSH the /etc/config/network options apn says ‘’ this is a web address but no APN.
So I think that somewhere else the APN is set to ‘internet’ and therefore it works with O2

Sorry for reply late.

We judged APN Settings in the system through MCC and MNC of SIM card. If your SIM card is relatively new and not in the database, we may not be able to find the correct APN Settings

Our APN database comes from here

The provider is not new and if I set the APN in Webinterface it is also in /etc/config/network


but I can’t get a connection to the internet / ISP
If it’s not the APN, what is the problem?
I bought the device for 135 Euro and can’t use it now that I’m angry.


I need help, a patch or fix to use the device, otherwise I have to send it back.
What information do you need to help me?



Please let me have a look at your configuration. The configuration information is in ADMIN->3G/4G Modem->Manual Setup
If you can’t solve the problem, you can return the MIFI to us

For example:


Good morning.

Here are the pictures,

I also tried it with USB2 and with cdc-wdm0


As far as I know, Vodafone supports B28, but ec25-e does not

You can search cell info for base station informationV1%5DFIK6RYAW(UO5J68%5B%40FZ6

You can also use AT+QNWINFO to check network registration


I don’t have a Cells Info Button :frowning:
I have sent you the other information by e-mail.

This situation should be the reason why ec25-e does not support B28


what can I do now?
which LTE module works and where do I get it from?
Why is the EC25-E sold for germany if it doesn’t work?



would the EC06-E work and would it work for ISP O2 too?

Could you please help me confirm which band the modem works in when using O2?

It seems FDD LTE Volume 20 is that right?

Maybe different operators have different bands, the band that Vodafone supports is here

Oh well Vodafone is not only B28 can i set it to B20 (800 MHz)

EP06-E supports O2 and Vodafone bands

Ok so I need an EP06-E but where can I buy it cheap?
I don’t need a second Mifi Router.