GL MiFi EU Roaming Proximus does not connect

I’m using French card on French country on my GL Mifi router. All is working fine.

But I spend lot of time trying to understand why another card is not working.
my Proximus (belgium operator) with EU roaming does not works in France, unable for the 4G modem to connect, if fact it detects operator (SFR) but does not connect.
If I’m using the same card on Teltonika router or Comfast CF-E5 (which as a qecktel EC25 modem also) everything is working fine.

So the issue is coming from firmware, I tried 3.023 and pre release 3.026 and it’s the same issue.
May be it’s related to this case ?

Any help would be appreciated

We should have fixed the BUG in your link
Are you using ec25-e modem?
Does the Teltonika router use the same modem?

Nice to hear that, which version should I test? Because latest stable and latest pre release does not fix it. I can ssh to device and do some testing if needed.

Teltonika does not have the same modem, but the COMFAST has an EC25-E modem (mini pcie) and the card is working fine on it.