GL-MiFi Google Fi compatibility

At present, I have a GL-AR300M connected to a Huawei E397 4G LTE Mobile Broadband Modem using Google Fi as the cellular provider. The present setup works and I get about 5mbps which is acceptable (but not great). I am interested in the GL-MIFI but at I do not see a viable option for 4Glte (tmobile/google-fi) only ATT. Am I missing something? Does this mean I will still only be able to use 3G and only get the same 5mbps?



Hi Mark,
Looking at the bands that tmobile uses in the US here:

And looking at the bands the EC25-A supports here:

You can see that it should work, i don’t see the issue?


Thanks, I was thrown by the AT&T piece. I did not look up the actual module. Super happy and recommending the GL-AR300M to all. Now I will give this one a go too!