GL-MiFi [GPIO] - How to read battery status?

I bought some 3.3v buzzer on ebay, i wish to add it in to mifi and make it friendly reminder beeps then battery level 10% or less and in same time the external charger not plugged in.
So, how to track this two events?

  1. read battery charge level
  2. check external charger plugged in or not.

First your mifi hardware version should be 2.6.2 above.

Then you should be able to read data using

cat /tmp/mcu_data

You will find there are three values in the json data: T, P, C, which means Temperature, Percentage, Charging

I think i’m not so lucky :frowning: I bought mine from amazon just couple month ago, why its so old already? :frowning:

root@GL-MIFI:~# cat /tmp/mcu_data
cat: can’t open ‘/tmp/mcu_data’: No such file or directory

How i can check my HW version?

First off Amazon gets large shipments so they probably have a lot of older stock.
The digital battery readout feature was introduced one month or so ago, maybe 2, so only people that ordered directly from the GL website probably have it.

You can check what mifi hardware you have by opening the case and reading the markings on the board :slight_smile:


Could you please clarify, where is on the board the hardware version? Is it under modem and is like GLZT_MIFI_V2.5.0?


This is only available in v2.6.2 and newer.

Can you pls make sure if you have this package installed?


Yeah you have board v2.5, it doesn’t support the new digital battery readout.

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on my GL-XE300, you should manually run /usr/bin/xe300_mcu to get /tmp/mcu_data, why couldn’t you add a dev descriptor into /sys for read it?

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