GL-MiFi headers pins and layout

Where can I find the mechanical drawing of GL-MiFi board, especially the position of header pins with respect to board dimension? I would like to make an extension board for it.

BTW, is there any plan to increase the amount of flash from 16MB to 32MB? If not, is there a way to customize it myself like replacing the flash and what would be the part number? Thank you.

First the chip only support up to 16MB flash. But you can use the mircroSD card and use extroot

It is not too difficult to set up.

We will generate the dimension of the board and send it to you.

Hi ekawahyu,please see the attachment.please confirm if it can fit your needs?

Yes, that is helpful, but missing two details in there (please see attachment). I also need the pin number and assignment please. Thank you.

The pin number assignment is here:

Sorry,i forget to reply you .they both are 1.27mm.