GL-MiFi keeps rebooting

I have a GL-MiFi and am trying to use a Verizon SIM on the broadband side. It connects to Verizon and passes traffic. As soon as I connect a phone or device wirelessly to it it’ll reboot itself. I noticed if I stay wired with an ethernet connection it doesn’t reset, but the minute I pull the ethernet cable from the MiFi, connect to it wirelessly, and run a speedtest - bam! resets…

If i just wait a few minutes it’ll work again. Is there something that a wireless load from speedtest that would cause it to reset? I have tested with AT&T, Verizon and Visible and it does the same thing.

Also for reference - I have a great Verizon signal and I have tested both with running on the internal battery, as well as having it plugged in via USB in the wall with the same results.

I originally thought maybe a power hungry issue? But i have no idea at this point…

Wondering if maybe i’ve got a dud, or there’s something else underlying that i’m missing?

I am using auto config with this currently on a true Verizon Data card SIM.

Running: 3.105


Link for reference:

Can your upgrade to 3.201 which is in snapshot? This may relate to some fast path config.

I upgraded but noticed when I went into Luci to update some settings that this doesn’t allow me to get into the firewall settings…

OK. Got it. Fixing it.

there an update to this by chance alzhao?

orking these days. You can find beta2 in snapshot. Not sure if this is fixed