GL-MiFi Mobile phone (Android) app?

Anyone here who might know of an app (for Android) what will give an ease option to get the MiFI to scan for AP’s and and make it connect to the selected AP?

And easer web interface (for mobile devices) will do too. :slight_smile:

You might try loading the OpenWRT Material theme. It is a vertical drop down menu and fits better on phone. It is not as fast as some of the others, which is a problem on my older iPhone. OpenWrt Forum Archive

I think there is a great need for a purpose built “connection manager” phone app for both IOS and Android now that travel devices are so much more popular. The real advantage of an APP over a web page is the APP can store and manage the devices frequently used APs similar other wireless devices.

Thank you for the link.
Unfortunately it will not install on a GL-MiFI

root@domino:~# opkg install ./luci-theme-material*.ipk Installing luci-theme-material (0.2.17-1) to root... Configuring luci-theme-material. //usr/lib/opkg/info/luci-theme-material.postinst: line 4: default_postinst: not found Collected errors: * pkg_run_script: package "luci-theme-material" postinst script returned status 127. * opkg_configure: luci-theme-material.postinst returned 127. root@domino:~#

Go to the developers web site (git) and ask for help there.

The problem is that the GL-MiFi is still running Barrier Breaks 14.07

Anyway. I’ll will contact the devs and ask.

We used to have app for iPhone and Android. But except for making more and more trouble in supporting, it doesn’t shows its values. We just stoped the app development due to limited resource.

But maybe just for repeater scanning it is feasible, especially for the MiFi.

At this stage, you need more time to make the mifi works in your own way. But this is definitely one of our important product to make.

Just imagine…

Start app on phone and let it connect to the MiFI. Now press [Scan], and select the AP you would like to connect to.
Enter needed password for AP, and you are done!

I would love it!

I have put a lot of thought to this over the last year or so. I do think that this would be a competitive advantage to GLi as their focus is in portable devices, but see this as a community need.

I think we can take a lesson from the existing phone and PC connection managers. The APP can directly open to a “Scan” screen, and display the found networks. If there is an existing connection it should show somehow differentiated (Bold or the Join icon of a different color, etc). Once an AP is selected (STAtion) then the “popup” would ask for the Key, whether to save the info to the connection list (see below), and whether the connection should be set to the default, and of course, “APPLY”. An icon on the main page (Scan) would take the user to a management section where one can manage the saved STAtion connections (add (?), delete, modify, set as default, sequence). I am not sure if the APP should manage the device AP, as this would cause an immediate disconnect, but this is no different than what happens with the web gui.

The phone app seems most pressing as the web GUI is nearly impossible to use. The reality is the web GUI lacks the ability to manage connection list, it only updates configuration with user supplied data. Specifically one needs to remember and enter passwords for connection points. Entering passwords in public can be considered a security risk. It’s also slow and cumbersome compared to the connection tools on our PC and phones. It’s at least 3 more clicks (and waiting to load web pages) to just get to scan results then most other connection managers and requires us to enter a password to the OpenWrt web gui. I can connect to a saved connection on my PC in 2 clicks and 3 on my phone.

I think there is a need for at least 4 APPs to offer the same functionality we have on our other devices (saved connections list). These include IOS, Android, Windows and Linux. All should (can) look and work exactly the same. Yes, IOS and Android should be a priority.

For the default wireless config of a travel router (1 radio) I think this is relatively straight forward development. I think however this becomes more complex when we add a USB or PCI-E device for a second radio or cellular (Mi-FI) as there are a number of different devices\drivers and I expect configurations. Ideally a properly configured device should just show as an additional entry in the “Scan” window, and if appropriate show a different credentials panel. Pareto’s Principle suggests building the standard WiFi tool set first.

It is relevant to keep in mind that changing the devices STAtion side connection can be expected to bounce the devices AP (WLAN) side during the connection period as the WLAN side config generally will need to change at least the channel to match the STAtion side. The router’s client may attach itself to another available connection during this period, depending on the client’s connection management functionality. This is probably not something that can be controlled by any tool developed.

Cant wait to have this app :slight_smile:

@Guest and @RangerZ, actually developing one app is not difficult if focusing on only one such function.

We will have one such app I think.

For multiple radio product, we can just fix the usage of each radio, one is always sta and another always ap.

Sounds nice :slight_smile:

For multiple radio product, we can just fix the usage of each radio, one is always sta and another always ap.
But the GL-MiFi has only one WiFi radio... Or am I missing something here?

Please reread the second from the last paragraph. You can add a USB device to add another radio, even on the MiFi board. You still have the SD card to stream media from (if that’s your goal).


@RangerZ. My misstake. I must have missed that part of the post :-/

Anyway. I tried adding a 2nd USB WiFi device some time ago, but did not manage to get it to work.
(see post: 404 Page not found - GL.iNet)

Did you manage to get something like this to work?

I am not using this device and do not know enough about the mifi firmware or it’s packages. The error is a kernel mismatch, meaning the file does not meet the kernel requirement for some reason. This link on the package manager covers the “force” option, but not sure if this will work or cause other issues. OPKG Package Manager [Old OpenWrt Wiki]

I have a Buffalo WLI-UC-GN USB running on a HooToo TM02. While it works it’s not as fast as the single radio solution, but does eliminate connection issues. I have read that using a cable to separate the 2 radios improves performance, but not tried it. Seems to defeat the purpose (portable).

Thank you for the info. Yes. I was aware of the mismatch problem.
An option is “as alzhao suggested” to compile my own version.
Unfortunately my skills in doing this are not great …

Anyway. Back on topic.
I’ve managed to build something myself. Not an app, but an ease accessible webpage what does some magic with PHP and Bash scripts (needed to install some extra apps on the MiFi’s openWRT OS to make this work).
I used some of the code found here: OpenWrt Forum Archive

My modified PHP/Bash code work great, but needs some code cleaning.
Will post the info when I’m done and have some more time.

Looking forward to this…

Hi… Any update on Mifi App? GL website does not function properly in mobile web