GL-MiFi or MUDI with Visible

Alright - I spent some time working on it this evening and I still cannot get it to join up!

I followed all of these commands - I tried in both orders that have been posted in here and i still get sim unregistered and i never get the light to turn green and show Verizon. What am i doing wrong??

I am on Firmware version 3.105 - just looking for guidance please!

Are you using a SIM that is pre-activated? You must active the SIM on other certified devices first.

Yes - This is a SIM that was in my Visible R2, tested in my Pixel 3 and also an iPhone.

I have had Visible service for almost 2 years

Oh you magnificent ba…rista?
My X750 on latest firmware has worked with my VZ hotspot SIM for months, then all of a sudden we needed to use it heavily during the outages in Texas this week. After one day suddenly “SIM card not registered”. It would work in the hotspot though. I even tried mimicking the IMEI of the hotspot.
Your solution worked for me but with vswinternet for APN.

so you’re saying for the APN if you used VSWINTERNET it worked for Visible? Or are you using an actual Verizon sim?

I’m using actual Verizon SIM. Company issued me an MHS900L which is the absolute bottom of the barrel. Much happier with the X750!

ahh yeah it works just fine with all of our Verizon cards…my issue was the Visible sim…

I have a Collie x300b that is pretty nice as well!

Has there been any recent update to this. I have not been able to get visible to connect despite using these commands. Any help is appreciated.

In all honesty I didn’t use visible for long so I can’t say. Visible is getting smart and the only way I can think of is imei magic. I won’t get into detail here about it but outside of that… I say factory reset the mudi and try the steps again.

I’ve been having the same issue. For some reason I decided to just swap the Mudi SIM card with my phone (also Visible) and it worked. And the Mudi SIM worked in my phone. (Be warned, it’ll reset your voicemail at least on Android, so save any messages you don’t want lost.)

Then I switched them back it and it was all working again. I went through a lot of these steps many times and had no luck, so I’m not sure if doing that helped or not. But swapping the SIMs and then swapping them back just made it all work for me. I’m on the latest test firmware, but I don’t think that makes any difference now. I tried several others.

Edit: I was having dropout problems like mentioned earlier in this thread, so reverted back to 3.10 and it seems good again.

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I got my X750 router working with my Visible SIM installed today. The trick was to REMOVE any Firewall/Custom rules with the TTL settings. Those TTL settings had been in there from prior testing.

Anyway, are there any other settings I could use to break the 5 MBPS download limit of Visible (that many have done using those TTL settings)?



then look for the generic one and


Apparently the modem wants to use the Verizon configuration automatically but if you tell it to use the generic one it’ll connect.

So only those 2 commands?!?