GL-Mifi: Questions


I wonder if there is a way to check, if the GL-Mifi is currently running on Battery or Mains? I would like to trigger some tasks, after a power-loss occurs. Is there maybe a gpio-port that can be polled?


It is not possible in the current design. The MiFi will always use battery. When you plug the USB power, it will charge the battery.


On the MiFi page it says that: ā€œIf you buy no-battery version, you will not be able to connect batteries by yourself. As the PCB is different.ā€
Why and how is the PCB different?
If I buy the battery version, can I use it without the battery?

Does the NO-battery version boot up when you plug it in?

And how can I make the battery version start up (without pushing the power button) when it gets power?


Battery version has a chip to manage the Charge and discharge.

Two version will boot up when you plug in a USB cable(connected to 5V power adapter).

Plug in a USB cable which connected to 5V power adapter and it will start up