GL-Mifi Reset/Reflash

I got my GL-Mifis today and have been experimenting with one. It was working fine with a SIM from a reseller from Three UK but I tried updating opkg from the command line and was getting messages about bad signatures, so I decided to try and reflash it to get it up date. I uploaded the 20160301 firmware and it seemed to complete but the Mifi didn’t reboot and now shows the PWR and WAN lights. It’s pingable on still but nothing is responding. How do I reset it or reflash it?

This is a quite an easy one. Each MiFi has a reset button that is placed at the right side of the TF/SIM-slot. It’s very small. It’s so small you will actually need a needle or a bend paperclip to press it. When the power button and the reset button have been pressed for longer than 5 seconds the device will reset itself. Currently the indicator that indicates that the device is being reset isn’t working yet. It should start with a sequence of slashing lights. But it doens’t. I’ve uploaded a fix in the Software section.


It can take some time but after pressing the button for 5 seconds and waiting a few minutes the WiFi-light can be seen flashing.


If this succeeds I recommend upgrading to the very latest firmware 2.20-7.
The 20160301 was probably still a beta. The stable releases are being released in the /v1 folder (“”) and make sure that during the flash-setup you choose to delete all settings! This could save yourself from a bad day.


But it might take a while (2-4 minutes) for the device to boot.

Thanks, that’s really useful.

It occurred to me not long after writing this that I hadn’t tried on the LAN interface and sure enough the web interface responded on that but with the Domino core pages. I uploaded the v1 firmware and everything sprang back into life.


@manikanta, did you use uboot webui, as said here: Overview - GL.iNet Docs ?


2.20-7 is an old firmware. You need to use the 2.20 firmware or the newest testing firmware 2.23-7 from here: GL.iNet download center


@manikanta, as long as the router can power on (the power LED light up), it can be saved. I had too little information from your feedback.

So is it possible to have a video call via skype next week so that I can see what is happening in your side?