[GL-MIFI] Setup Problems (Connection and WIFI problems)


i own a GL-MIFI and i have problems setting up a mobile broadband connection. In addition WIFi is unstable.

My “research” as follows:

No SD Card, no SIM: WIFI up and Device reachable
Factory Reset
Setup (LLanguage, Time, Password)
Shutdown (USB cable connected)
Inserted Sd Card
WIFI avilable
Shutdown (USB cable connected)
Inserted SIM Card
WIFI avilable
Setting up Connection
	Internet Status 
		Modem Connection
			Model: EC25
			Carrier : Detecting......
			Please make sure the SIM card is inserted in correct direction and do a modem reset
SIM card is inserted with chip upwards and edge facing outside	
Modem reset button clicked
Noting on the GUI changes
Setting up Connection
	Internet Status
		New Connection
				Region: Germany
				Service Provider: T-Mobile(Germany)
				Modem Device: /dev/ttyUSB2 (preselected)
				Service Type: UMTS/GPRS (W-CDMA)
				APN: internet.telekom
				Dial Number: *99#
				Pin: PIN of SIM card
				Username: telekom
				Password: tm
		Clicked Submit
	Internet Status
		Modem: Connected - 2G full signal bars (HUAWEI MobileWIFI E5372 - Full 4G signal at the same location, with the same service provider)
		Connecting to the internet - No IP obtained, no connection
Disconnected USB cable
waited approx 10 secs
Plugged USB Cable back in
WIFI shortly pops up, then dissapears
Removed SD Card
Disconnected USB cable
waited approx 10 secs
WIFI shortly pops up, then dissapears
Removed SD Card
Disconnected USB cable
waited approx 10 secs
WIFI is up
	No SD Card inserted
	No SIm Inseted
	No Internet Connection over 4G LTE (obvioulsy.... no SIM inserted)

I can start over at the factory reset, but nothing changes.
Firmware is: 2.271
So what am i doung wrong here?


Can you try v3 firmware from http://download.gl-inet.com/firmware/mifi/testing/

Don’t reserve settings as it is totally new. Auto setup should works fine. Just make sure your signal is good.

Flashed to v3 from 2018-08-18.
APN can not be entered or discovered.

Fixing this and will send you a new firmware.

Saw that there is a new FW v3.001-20180821
Flashed with “keep settings”
Is the APN thing addressed in this version? If so, i still have no option to set the APN.
After entering 3 chars the field is cleared. and “the circle keeps spinning”

Called engineer to check this issue asap.


Sorry to ask you to try firmware again. Pls try the firmware 0823

No problem. As my mifi has no purpose atm because of these connection problems, I am thankful that you keep an eye on this.

Unfortunately 0823 didn’t change anything. I still cannot configure the APN and the circle next to the input field keeps spinning and resetting everything that I enter in that field.

I just tried myself and I can type the APN (internet). After I apply I checked and it is written in the router.

Can you give a video?

It seems that the input field is buggy on MS Edge for Android. (Windows not tested yet).
I used Chrome and i could enter the APN.
After a modem reset i got a connection on /dev/ttyUSB3 but the connection speed is at 10% of my Huawei MIFI.
Am i using the wrond tty? Is there a way to boost the 4G signal? At the same spot the huawei mifi has 3/5 bars 4G and the GL-MIFi has 3/4 bars 3G. I’m using the hauwei mifi without external antennas.

Can you send me your Huawei band model and carrier info? Want to check band.
Are you using American version of MiFi?

It’s the Huawei E5372s-32. My Carrier is T-mobile Germany. I bought this one. I found only a info in a shop that the Huawei uses band 1/3/7/8/20.

You can try to force the setting to 4G only mode,Execute the command AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode”,3
Execute the command AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode”,0 revert to automatic mode

For AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode”,3 I get

AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode”,3 ERROR as result.
Drop down is “manual command” and dev is usb2 (other AT cmds work)

Can you please check the double quota? Seems in the forum it is changed. Type the double quota " " manually.

Thanks, that worked well. No my Huawei and may mifi are up on pat… in terms of delivered bandwidth. Is there a way to improve the signal strength for the mifi? My phone is about 5 times faster than the mifi and the Huawei.

You may need an external antenna for better signal.

Is there a way to connect SMA antennas?

Yes. You need to open the case. Unscrew the four screws under the rubber pad.

Then you will find there is uFL connector on the modem. Connect your uFL to SMA wire.

On the case there is holes for SMA connect already. Mount the SMA connect on the case then connect external antenna.

Thanks! So sth like this is suitable? do i have to solder sth. ? Do i have to use both antennas?