GL-MiFi support for 5G Quectel RM500Q and Quectel EP06-A


I see in the store that I could purchase a Quectel EP06-E LTE module but I live in North America so I believe I need the EP06-A. Does the EP06-A work with the GL-MiFi and if so, how can I purchase an EP06-A module?

Looking forward to 5G, will the Quectel RM500Q module be supported with the GL-MiFi device? If it is supported now, how can I purchase an RM500Q module? If not now, can you provide any details about when 5G will be supported with a GL.iNet device?


The RM500Q will not work. It’s an M.2 format card. GL-MiFi needs an older mini-PCie card. Any EP06 will work out of the box without additional software. I use an EP06-E module, the A is the same card just for different LTE bands.

Thank you for the information!

I will look around for an EP06-A card I can use here in the US.

Do you know if GL.iNet will be releasing a MiFi product that works with the newer M.2 format cards?

Thanks again!

There are adapter “shims” you can get to put an m.2 into a mini-pcie slot. Your mileage may vary though, I certainly wouldn’t expect support.

That doesn’t work because the protocol is USB for the connection, just the socket being used is mini-PCIe.

I see, that is correct. Nevermind my advice.

I was not really wanting to cram an M.2 device into a PCIe slot. Really want I wanted to know was if there was an option for 5G with the GL.iNet line of products. Quectel makes a 5G modem but it’s M.2 format. Right now the Netgear Nighthawk MR5000 is the AT&T 5G MiFi and if you can find one its really expensive. I was hoping for an alternative from GL.iNet… :slightly_smiling_face:


What do you mean the protocol is USB? Do you mean the M.2 cards is using USB protocol that GL-MIFI won’t support?

I was hoping to swap EM7511 in with a PCIe adapter? So, it won’t work? I know for sure if I use a M.2 to USB adapter it would work. However, that would make things bulky.

I mean the mPCI-e cards from Quectel and others are using a specific pin layout, with USB as the main connection used for the actual communication, they are not using PCI. It might be possible to use some kind of adapter to put the pins in the right place, but that is only if the new cards didn’t also change the protocol for communication too, qmi being used in the Mifi.

Here is the Quectel mPCI-e pinout: