GL-MiFi WAN issue

Hello, I’ve got an issue with my GL-MiFi 4G router. When an ethernet cable is NOT plugged into the WAN port the WAN LED is on, but when an ethernet cable IS plugged into the WAN port the WAN LED is off. The router is unable to make a WAN connection with this issue. Please see the video of the issue below.

Is this something anybody is aware of already? is there possibly a fix for this?



When you connect cable, the router do not have Internet?

Are you using VPN?

Correct, the router does not have an internet connection.

And also no VPN is used

strange. If you can go to more settings → revert firmware and do a revert to clear everything and this still happens. Pls get an exchange. Appreciate if you can put a sticker on the mifi stating the problem.

Thanks I’ll give this a try