Gl mifi with ec25-au can't connect

I bought Gl-mifi with EC25-A originally (through amazon us), but since I lived in Indonesia which LTE band is not compatible with the modem, I changed the modem to EC25-AU. unfortunately I can’t seem to make it to connect to internet.

here’s what I have done:

  1. ensure ec25-au modem is placed securely in the mini pcie slot
  2. ensure antenna is connected securely attached to the slot marked “main”
  3. Updated the firmware to 2.271 (latest at the time of writing)
  4. I can see the modem is “connected” in the web UI, and I can see signal bar in green color.
  5. IMEI is displayed ok through the web ui and AT command
  6. ICCID and IMSI request always returns ERROR 13
  7. reset factory default multiple times to no avail

is dead modem is the only explanation here? or is there any step that I need to do before using the EC25-AU?

Be sure the SIM card direction is correct.

Power off the device the power on again.

Al, I have put the simcard according to the documentation (photo uploaded) can you confirm it is correct?

It is correct.

Still cannot get connected.

One thing that might not be totally obvious is if you have a pin code on the simcard, with the default configuration it will not connect to the APN. All those tests you made will work and everything, but it won’t connect to the internet.

Put the sim in your phone, remove the pin and try.

I had the same issue as you :smiley:

Just want to make update on this thread.

I ended up ordering another EC25 modem (E version this time). I installed it, but this time I decided to put a felt pad under the modem (to replace the foam that was there originally, but damaged when I changed the ec25-a to ec25-au). Everything works perfectly!

After that I decided to also put a felt pad under the ec25-au. Lo and behold, it works as well! Exact same SIM card. Maybe the modem does not make a good contact with the mini pcie express slot without the foam/felt pad? But anyway, I wish I had tried the felt pad before ordering another modem :slight_smile:

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