GL-MIFI with openwrt

Hi All,

I have a gl-mifi with the 4g quectel EC25 chip and im trying to get it running with the generic openwrt image. What config am I supposed to use for the 4g side? it sort of works with the 3g one but its pretty slow, the qmi one probes but fails to bring up the interface.

Regards, Paul

You should add the patch

Thank you very much for that, i’ll give it a shot!

Just out of curiosity, has the patch been tested against 4.14 as well?

If not i’ll have a poke at it myself.

4.14 please refer to this link, thanks.

Thanks for that as well.

Definitely worked better with the patch, managed to get a connection but no data in or out. (dhcp fails as well)

Dropped back to the original mifi firmware (3.029) and that seems to work just fine so i’ll do a bit of digging and see what I can figure out.

this is where I get to with stock-ish 18.06.6:
root@OpenWrt:~# uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --get-current-settings
“pdp-type”: “ipv4”,
“ip-family”: “ipv4”,
“mtu”: 1500,
“ipv4”: {
“ip”: “”,
“dns1”: “”,
“dns2”: “”,
“gateway”: “”,
“subnet”: “”
“ipv6”: {

"domain-names": {


Really like the default firmware as it stands though.