When will the GL-MiFi be available for public, and any indication of what the price of it will be?


yes, it will be available without enclosure first.

When ¿

Will the enclosure later be available separately for people who bought the PCB? So that they can make the device complete later on.

And those 4G LTE modules. Is that included? What standards does it support? And how can we verify if the module is supportable by our ISP?
4G - Wikipedia There seems to be a wide range of LTE standards.

What questions should I ask my ISP to make sure that i get the right module for the job?

Maybe possible,but now we havn’t do that.
Our 4G LTE modules is based on PCIE interface.untill now we have fit some HUAWEI 4G modules (I said some because we havn’t test all of them).
If you want a 4G MIFI,you’d better tell us what the 4G bands the ISP supports,and then we can choose a usable 4G module for you.

OK thanks,

I’ll ask my ISP for the details.