Gl mt 1300 beryl LED

hi info/ help required please
since recent software update to 3.216 the led no longer stays on. when rebooting is steady blue.
then changes to flashing blue
then just goes off completly. the router is working but no led.
only noticed this since last software update.

Just tried the firmware update from 3.215 to 3.216 on a GL-B1300, results in the same issue led’s now aren’t on when router is full up and running.

@kemestri although I have a different router (GL-B1300), I experienced exactly the same issues with the LEDs not appearing to work once the router is full booted…

The solution that worked for me was selecting to not keep the router configuration when performing the firmware update from 3.215 to 3.216.

Hope it works for you too.