GL-MT-1300 Questions from a Newbie

A couple of (hopefully) simple questions from a Newbie.

Can someone tell me what the light bar across the front of the router means?
Mine is flashing slowly.

Also, what is the mode switch on the side of the router for?

Many thanks,

The mode switch is explained in the online guide here: More Settings - GL.iNet Docs

The LED shows the status of the router and internet connection: LED Indicators - GL.iNet Docs

Many thanks for the prompt reply.

Apparently the slowly flashing light means that there is a firmware upgrade in process - incredibly slowly!

Another beginners question. The setup diagram is not that clear. If I’m connecting the GL-iNet 1300 router into my main router does the ethernet cable go into the slot marked WAN or one of the two marked LAN on the GL-iNet router?


That depends on whether you are using it as a router or as an access point. If you plug the cable into the LAN port, it will function as a switch and the access point will connect your wireless devices to your home LAN. If you plug it into the WAN port, then it will function as a router and wireless devices will connect to the router’s network, thence to the internet.

The Beryl firmware update is pretty fast so you’ve got a problem. Reset and start all over.