GL MT-2500 LAN and WAN port swap and switch option missing

Hi everyone, i just received my GL-MT2500 and used it as router, connected to WAN via PPPoE. I want to swap the LAN and WAN port but there is no switch option in LuCi. Tried to flash beta and nightly but stilll those option are missing as well. Here is the return error when i run swconfig dev switch0 show

Failed to connect to the switch. Use the “list” command to see which switches are available.

Inside MT2500 there are two separate GMacs, so there is no switch.
You can refer to Chinese forum posts to switch, may need to do some translation.

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—>>Starts here<<–
Some users need to use the 2.5G mesh for intranet, so here is a WAN/LAN switching method

first step ,Enter LUCI

second step ,Set the WAN mouth as the LAN mouth and enter the network-> interface on the luci page,Edit WAN and change the equipment toeth1 ,Click on the preservation in the bullet window

The third step ,Set the LAN mouth to the WAN mouth, enter on the luci page Network-> interface-> equipment ,Edit br-lan,Removeeth 1 from br-lan and add eth0 to br-lan ,Click on the preservation in the bullet window.

fourth step ,Apply and reconnect to the net, click to save and apply (Note that the switch has already begun at this time, and the page will not respond ), wait a little bit about 30S, reconnect the WAN/LAN grid line, and access the router management interface through the new LAN intersection

I operate the above operation based on MT3000, and other models are actually similar, you can modify them slightly according to the above steps