GL-MT 300N <> aircrack-ng

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone tried to Install Aircrack-ng here? I have seen that after installing Aircrack the devices stops working after a week or 2.

I would love some suggestions on it.

Also, I love this forum and our community. Alzhao is doing a good job! It a good mix of members and company executives to collaborate on Projects.

Thanks, everyone!

If you are running aircrack, then you may need another daemon to monitor the router status.
But if the router dies, then the script may not work as well.

So how do we solve the problem so that router dies? Is it an overclocking issue. We can setup a Daemon. but we need to solve the router issue first.

I am not sure how aricrack makes the router die. You may need to debug this problem if you want. It is a driver or software problem, not the router itself.

A hardware watchdog has to be added if you do want to reset the router if it dies. But this is not possible in the current hardware.

I need this problem to debug. What do you mean by driver or software in this case.

Which hardware can support that? I can order it from you guys.

As I said, it is software, not hardware.

But I do recommended AR series router, e.g. AR150 and AR300M, which is using Qualcomm chipset. Hopefully the wifi driver will not cause the problem.