GL-MT-300N-V2 Bridge openVPN with LAN

Hi All,

Here is my setup:

  1. openVPN Access Server on Azure Cloud giving static IP’s for my 2 clients:


  1. Client 1 - Windows 10 Laptop connected via openVPN client software (

  2. Client 2 - GL-MT-300-V2 (fw: 3.025) in router mode:

  • Connected to internet via USB iPhone tethering
  • connected to openVPN Server via built-in openVPN client ( on interface TUN0
  • LAN Interface (Static, DHCP Enabled - all default
  1. Linux machine (, connected via ETH (physical LAN port) to GL-MT-300-V2.


Windows 10 Laptop needs to be able to fully talk to Linux machine and vice versa.

Current state:

Linux machine [] can ping Windows 10 Laptop []
Windows 10 Laptop [] cannot ping Linux machine []
Windows 10 Laptop [] can ping GL-MT-300-V2 [] and access GL iNet Admin panel on this address

I’ve searched this whole forum and really struggle to find solution to my challenge. As I understand, Linux machine is hidden behind NAT and that’s why requests from Laptop cannot reach it. Tried manny things like bridging ovpn(TUN0) with lan(ETH0.1) via LuCI interface, setting static routes etc. with no luck … is this even possible ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Turns out that all I had to do was to add network in User Permissions on openVPN Access Server to Allow Access To these Networks: [] using NAT method. From there openVPN client on my GL-MT-300-V2 added this automatically upon connection. All traffic from clients in network can now reach all other openVPN clients and vice versa.

May be useful for someone trying to achieve the same goal.

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