GL-MT1300(Beryl) Addguard home not function on plug ins after software updated 3.211

Hey there,

Am notice that the Beryl router for plug ins of addguard home is not working after the software updated 3.211.

Before that the software of 3.203, the addguard home is functional but now it seem that not working properly even you have successfully installed the agh on your router.

Any idea of that as the DNS is not working after enable the AGH.

Can you tell me if you have ever updated Adguard Home in old firmware?

I have installed adguard home before on 3.203 software and enable the agh as well.

The software of the agh is 0.104.3-1, after upgraded to 3.211 software on the router, can’t used it anymore as the dns queries is not working while internet connection disconnect.

If you installed adguard home and kept the settings, it may be a problem because config compatiblity of adguard home.

Pls check this thread GL-AX1800 + AdGuard Home - #18 by hieudo

How to get 0.106 agh plug in on my Beryl router?

You can just remove old adguard home settings and reinstall gl-agh-stats

After uninstall and reinstall, still 0.104

I have downgraded the software for 3.203, it able to used the adguard home service with functional properly. For 3.211 software upgrades to the router it not working on the adguard home service.

Please rectify accordingly. Tks!