GL-MT1300 Beryl support new 4.0 firmware

I’m a happy owner of the GL-MT1300 Beryl and the GL-AXT1800.
I tried the new 4.0 firmware of the GL-AXT1800, and the new management of the VPN with all the support for many providers directly on the firmware is great.

Please, port the 4.0 firmware to the GL-MT1300 Beryl too.


After playing around with FW4, I really hope as much as possible routers will get the improvements.
Even if I know this will also depend on drivers of the used WLAN/WWAN/LAN/CPU and OpenWRT ports.

I hope that all GL iNet routers that were NOT listed as end of life before the first announcement for 4.0 was made to this list are going to get 4.0. I have a USB150 that I have been waiting on the improvements listed in this post made back in Jan 2021:

The GL iNet 3.2xx firmware for all the routers I own is based on OpenWrt 19.07, and since 19.07 was declared End-of-Support in April 2022, we are now past getting any fixes passed down from the OpenWrt community. All GL iNet routers need to be upgraded to 4.0.

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I would love for the Brume to get 4.x.

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about firmware 4.x.

  1. which models currently support that?
  2. which models will, at some point, will support that?


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We will try to upgrade all products including Brume and USB150. Of course for other active models.


Is there an ETA for the Beryl and Slate routers to get 4.0 firmware?

I hope tomorrow I can get a firmware for you. Too many bugs now.

Gotcha, no worries. Just was curious if the older models will get a new firmware update or would I need to buy the new model to get it. Couldn’t find anything in the support documents about that. And saw these new features in the top of the list on the forum. I love the new Network Share features, including the Samba, WebDAV, etc features.

I hope the Brume 1 (GL-MV1000) get’s 4.0…

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