GL-MT1300 Beryl support new 4.0 firmware

I’m a happy owner of the GL-MT1300 Beryl and the GL-AXT1800.
I tried the new 4.0 firmware of the GL-AXT1800, and the new management of the VPN with all the support for many providers directly on the firmware is great.

Please, port the 4.0 firmware to the GL-MT1300 Beryl too.


After playing around with FW4, I really hope as much as possible routers will get the improvements.
Even if I know this will also depend on drivers of the used WLAN/WWAN/LAN/CPU and OpenWRT ports.

I hope that all GL iNet routers that were NOT listed as end of life before the first announcement for 4.0 was made to this list are going to get 4.0. I have a USB150 that I have been waiting on the improvements listed in this post made back in Jan 2021:

The GL iNet 3.2xx firmware for all the routers I own is based on OpenWrt 19.07, and since 19.07 was declared End-of-Support in April 2022, we are now past getting any fixes passed down from the OpenWrt community. All GL iNet routers need to be upgraded to 4.0.

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I would love for the Brume to get 4.x.

about firmware 4.x.

  1. which models currently support that?
  2. which models will, at some point, will support that?


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We will try to upgrade all products including Brume and USB150. Of course for other active models.