[GL-MT1300] Crash with wireguard vpn

Hello, I just bought a GL-MT1300 and I have configured it with a wireguard VPN client. When I connect to the VPN and make a speedtest, for example, with ookla, the router crash and i lost all kind of connectivity with it.
If I configure an openvpn client i can make the speed test without problems. Of course, without any vpn, the speed test is ok.
Anyone has the same problems or have some tips to fix this?

Wireguad should be OK. Are you using vpn policy? or Do you have multiple Internet connections, e.g. using cable, repeater together?

It is strange, isn’t it?
No, at the moment I am not using vpn policy and I have only one Internet connection. Indeed, I have connected two ethernet cables, one to wan and the other one to lan. I was trying to compare the speed of both vpns, but, as I said, the wireguard get me a bit more of 100MB downloaded before crash.

Is it possible that the problem would be the cpu usage? I have seen that all the time a little more than 1 (I think it is more than 100%) but when i test the speed with wireguard it goes to 2 o little more.

should not be cpu usage. MT1300 is dual core. So the cpu usage should go to 2 and it is totally normal.

When it is above 2, cpu load is high but it should not crash.

I have done more tests with similar results. I have connected to other wireguard server and all connections with ethernet cable and I have used a powered computer and a raspberry pi 2 to analyze the data.
If I make the speed test with the raspberry I haven’t any problem, I reach 28MB downloading and 57MB uploading.
If I used the computer I get 83MB of download but the test stop because the device stop working, with this new wireguard server the device does not crash (but I don’t get 101MB of download like the other server). While the computer fails with the test I have used the raspberry to make a ping to MT1300 lan IP and I can see how the device stop working and there are some pings that have errors.

I don’t know if it could be a problem on my device or a bug in the firmware.
Any help is welcome.

Maybe you can send me a wireguard configuration and I can try in my side.

I have the same issue here on Spitz 750v2

Pls start a new thread, with details, e.g. firmware version and what wireguard server you are using.