GL-MT1300 DNS leaking for Beta 3 of firmware 4.1.0

Hi, am notices that the beryl firmware of beta 3 for 4.1.0 the dns is leaking after connected to the vpn.
While manually dns is not working on properly after input whereby still leaking and not functional.

What is the problem?


What method are you using to test for DNS leak with VPN? Is this for OpenVPN and/or Wireguard?

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet for wireguard vpn

Post in the thread for the beta.

If you are connected through WireGuard and shows DNS addresses that belong to your ISP (or that are you may have set up on your router or client device), then there is probably a DNS leak. If this did not happen previously when the router was on Firmware 3.215, then there could be a bug in Firmware 4.1.0 beta3.

What you mean by DNS being “not functional”. Do you mean that you cannot are not getting DNS resolution and, hence, cannot access websites … this could be a different issue?

If the DNS addresses belong to your VPN provider, then there is no DNS leak. Just to be sure, you can also test on and, which are what I use. They should all show the same DNS addresses.

Yup, i have try the as well but the dns is show my isp instead vpn provider.

During the firmware 3.215 not issue at all. After upgrade to 4.1.0 for beta 3 then notice is dns leak.

Even i have manually customize the dns address but unfortunately its show my isp dns address which am mean not functional.

Which VPN provider are you using? I am using Torguard with WireGuard where I have a US IP and don’t have any DNS leakage. I am also using the latest beta firmware for the GL-MT1300 Beryl.

I’m using Mullvad with wireguard. That’s why am curious as the firmware 3.215 is no issue at all but after upgraded then notice it’s leaking.

Yes. Verified Mullvad on this firmware has dns leak and asked developer to fix.

Alright :+1: noted with thanks :blush: