GL-MT1300 external Antennas

I am wanting to take off the case so that i can add my external antennas instead of using the plastic ones that are currently on it.

I see on the FCC screenshots that it looks to only have 4 screws:

When I take out all 4 screws it still does not “feel” like it can just lift off the top as its shown in the above image?

Are there tabs I need to dislodge in order for the top to come off?

I too am known to void warranties. Run a splugder or guitar pick around the seams. See where you encounter resistance.

… a little Dremel action always hurts anything.

Looking carefully, there are 2 catches on each side, which is pretty standard. I would first try squeezing the half on the right to try to release the catch. If that does not work, I would use a spudger or a screwdriver (!!) in a pinch.

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Yeah, it can’t be that difficult. The boys over on CNX were able to do it on a Beryl AX. They were even kind enough to leave the tool used in the shot:

Thanks for that, @bring.fringe18

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